Year 2009

December '09

• Wednesday, 16th, 14:30
      Theory Colloquium  
      I. Kirsch (DESY)
      Holographic QCD

• Tuesday, 15th, 14:30

      Special Theory Seminar
      V. Forini (MPI Golm)
      Semiclassical strings exactly

• Monday, 14th, 16:30
      Theory Seminar  
      P. Vaudrevange (Munich)
      A Z2xZ2 Orbifold MSSM surviving the Blowup 

• Wednesday, 9th, 14:30
      Theory Colloquium  
      D. Bruss (Düsseldorf)
      Quantum entanglement: analysis and detection

• Monday, 7th, 16:30

      Theory Seminar  
      J.-H. Park   (DESY)
      Metastability bounds on flavor-violating trilinear soft terms in the MSSM

• Tuesday, 1st, 14:30

      O. Kittel   (Granada)
      Probing SUSY CP phases at colliders

• Wednesday, 2nd, 14:30

      Theory Colloquium  
      G. Mack    (Hamburg)
      D-dimensional conformal field theories as dual resonance models

     November '09

• Monday, 30th, 16:30

      C. Ringeval  (Louvain)
      Dirac-Born-Infeld and k-inflation:the CMB anisotropies from string theory  
• Monday, 23rd, 16:30

      C. Byrnes  (Bielefeld)
      Non-Gaussianity from inflation

• Wednesday, 18th, 14:30

      All Show and Tell Seminar

• Tuesday, 17th, 14:30

      A. Ferrantelli (Helsinki)
      Gravitino dark matter production at the end of inflation   

• Wednesday, 11th, 14:30

      Theory Colloquium  
      F. Donato    (INFN Torino)
      Cosmic antimatter from dark matter annihilation and astrophysical sources

 October '09

    • Wednesday, 21st, 14:30
       Theory Colloquium 
       P. Vanhove (IHES) 
       Structure of Gauge and Gravity Amplitudes in String and Field Theory                          
    • Friday, 23rd, 14:30
       H. Ohki (Kyoto U.)
       Extra Dimensional Field Theory with Magnetic Fluxes    

    • Monday, 26th, 16:30

       D. M. Martínez Pedrera (Hamburg)
       Low-energy Supergravities from Heterotic Compactification 
       on Reduced Structure Backgrounds

    • Tuesday, 27th, 14:30

       M. Drewes (Hamburg)
       Quantum Aspects of Early Universe Thermodynamics

    • Wednesday, 28th, 14:30
       Theory Colloquium  
       B. Herrmann (Würzburg U.)
       SUSY-QCD effects on dark matter annihilations    

 September '09

    • Wednesday, 16th, 14:30

      G.Gabadadze    (NYU)
      Cosmic Acceleration and Extended General Relativity                           
 July '09

    • Tuesday, 14th, 13:30

      W. Hollik    (MPI München)
      The search for SUSY: Precise predictions from the MSSM                     
 June '09

    • Monday, 8th, 16:30

      L.N. Lipatov    (St. Petersburg)
      Integrability of production amplitudes in QCD and in N=4 SUSY in the multi-Regge kinematics

    • Tuesday, 9th, 13:30

      H. Gies    (Jena U.)
      Strong laser fields as a probe for fundamental physics

    • Monday, 15th, 16:30

      F. Sannino    (Univ. Southern Denmark)
      Conformal Dynamics for Electroweak Symmetry Breaking and Cosmology.

    • Tuesday, 16th, 13:30

      G. Korchemsky    (IPhT, Saclay)
      Exploring Scattering Amplitudes in Gauge Theories using Soap Films

    • Tuesday, 30th, 13:30

      I. Stewart    (MIT)
      Determining alphas(mZ): New Precision Results from Jets                         
 May '09

    • Wednesday, 6th, 16:30

      M. Neubert    (Mainz)
      Effective Field Theory Methods for LHC Physics.

    • Tuesday, 12th, 13:30
      T. Weiler    (Vanderbilt U. and Dortmund U.)
      Neutrino Astrophysics and Neutrino Flavor

    • Monday, 18th, 16:30

      P. Serpico    (CERN)
      Cosmic Ray "anomaly" in the Positron Fraction: Data and Interpretations.

    • Monday, 25th, 16:30

      O. Philipsen    (Münster)
      Status of the QCD Phase Diagram from the Lattice.                         
 April '09

    • Tuesday, 7th, 9:30, Buildg. 1b, Sem. R. 5

      B. Stech    (Heidelberg)
      Virtues of E6 GUT for Describing and Predicting Neutrino Properties. (Extraordinary Theory Seminar)

    • Tuesday, 7th, 13:30

      Ch. Grojean    (CERN)
      Beyond the Higgs.

    • Monday, 20th, 16:30

      S. Rychkov    (Pisa)
      Tevatron Multi-muons - a Hidden Sector from Hadronic Collisions?

    • Monday, 27th, 16:30

      V. Springel    (MPA Garching)
      Into the Darkness: Predicting the Distribution of Dark Matter in our Galaxy.

    • Tuesday, 28th, 13:30
      D. Kreimer    (Bures-sur-Yvette, F.)
      The Appeal of Short Distance Singularities.
 March '09

    • Wednesday, 11th, 14:30, Buildg. 1, Sem. R. 1

      F. Smirnov    (LPTHE Jussieu)
      Hidden Fermionic Structure of Integrable Models.                         
 February '09

    • Monday, 2nd, 16:30

      S. Albino    (Hamburg)
      The Hadronization of Partons. (Habilitation)                         
 January '09

    • Tuesday, 6th, 14:30

      Y. Mambrini    (LPTh Orsay, Paris)
      Phenomenological Aspects of (String Inspired) Supergravity Models.

    • Monday, 12th, 16:30

      A. Cuoco    (Aarhus)
      Indirect Dark Matter Constraints from Radio Signatures.

    • Tuesday, 13th, 14:30

      S. Mishima    (DESY)
      Resolution to the B -> π π, π K Puzzles.

    • Monday, 19th, 16:30

      D. Schwarz    (Bielefeld)
      Cosmic Acceleration - Evidence and Loopholes.

    • Tuesday, 20th, 14:30

      H. Nicolai    (MPI Potsdam)
      Conformal Symmetry and the Weak Scale.

    • Monday, 26th, 16:30

      G. Colangelo    (Bern)
      The MSSM with Minimal Flavour Violation and Its Running.