Year 2005

December '05

    • Monday, 5th, 16:30

      J. Erler    (Mexico)
      Low-energy Measurements Complementing Electroweak Physics at Colliders

    • Wednesday, 7th, 16:30

      H. Fritzsch    (LMU)
      Spin Structure of the Nucleon and Constituent Quarks

    • Monday, 12th, 16:30

      T. Saffary    (Hamburg Univ.)
      DISPUTATION: Modular Action on the Massive Algebra

    • Tuesday, 13th, 14:30

      M. Neubert    (Cornell)
      Exploring the Standard Candle: The Many Uses of $B\to X_s\gamma$ Decay

    • Wednesday, 14th, 16:30

      D. Levkov    (Moscow)
      Real-Time Instantons and Suppression of Collision-Induced Tunneling

    • Monday, 19th, 16:30

      R. Catena    (DESY)
      Dynamical Relaxation of the Dark Matter to Baryon Ratio

    • Tuesday, 20th, 14:30

      N. Beisert    (Princeton)
      Integrable Spin Chains from Planar Gauge Theory                         
November '05

    • Tuesday, 1st, 14:30

      Volker Schomerus    (DESY)
      On String Theory in AdS Backgrounds

    • Tuesday, 8th, 14:30

      T. Schlegelmilch    (Hamburg Univ.)
      DISPUTATION: Local Scattering Operator for P(varphi)2 Models and the Time-dependent Schrödinger Equation

    • Wednesday, 9th, 16:30

      D. Yu. Ivanov    (Novosibirsk)
      Electroproduction of Two Light Vector Mesons in Next-to-leading BFKL

    • Friday, 11th, 14:30

      Motoi Endo    (DESY)
      A Bottom-Up Approach to Moduli Dynamics in the Heavy Gravitino Scenario

    • Monday, 14th, 16:30

      I. Papadimitriou    (DESY)
      Black Hole Thermodynamics and Holography

    • Wednesday, 23rd, 16:30

      M. Kirch    (Bochum)
      Solving the Evolution Equation for Generalized Parton Distributions

    • Monday, 28th, 16:30

      S. Dittmair    (MPI München)
      Electroweak Physics at Future Colliders - Radiative Corrections to Many-particle Processes

    • Tuesday, 29th, 14:30

      P. Di Vecchia    (Copenhagen)
      Properties of Gauge Theories from D Branes

    • Wednesday, 30th, 16:30

      A. Sabio-Vera    (Hamburg U.)
      The High Energy Regge Limit of QCD: From Integrability to Cross Sections                         
 October '05

    • Monday, 24th, 16:30

      E. Masso    (Univ. Aut. de Barcelona)
      On Axions and their Relatives

    • Monday, 31st, 16:30

      F. Takahashi    (DESY)
      MeV-scale Reheating and Neutrino Oscillations                         
August '05

    • Wednesday, 10th, 16:30

      M. Moshe    (Technion)
      Spontaneous Breaking of Scale Invariance and Supersymmetric Models at Finite Temperatures                         
 July '05

    • Monday, 4th, 16:30

      A. Westphal    (DESY)
      DISPUTATION: Higher-Dimension Operators in Higher-Dimensional Field Theories

    • Tuesday, 5th, 14:30

      B. Eberle    (DESY)
      DISPUTATION: Big Bang Relic Neutrinos and their Detection

    • Monday, 11th, 16:30

      D. Ghilencea    (Cambridge)
      Higher Derivative Operators from Compactification

    • Tuesday, 12th, 14:30

      E. E. Scholz    (DESY)
      DISPUTATION: Light Quark Fields in QCD: Numerical Simulations and Chrial Perturbation Theory

    • Wednesday, 13th, 16:30

      M. Schmidt    (Heidelberg)
      5 D Conformal SUGRA and Gauge Inflation                         
 June '05

    • Monday, 6th, 16:30

      S. Sint    (Univ. Autonoma de Madrid)
      Non-perturbative Renormalization and the QCD Schrödinger Functional

    • Tuesday, 7th, 14:30

      O. Philipsen    (Münster)
      The QCD Phase Diagram at Zero and Small Baryon Density

    • Wednesday, 8th, 16:30

      C. Weiss    (Jefferson Lab)
      30 Parton Structure of the Proton: from ep at HERA to pp at LHC

    • Wednesday, 22nd, 16:30

      A. Papazoglou    (EPFL Lausanne)
      Constraints in the Cosmology of Conical Branes

    • Monday, 27th, 16:30

      Building 7, Sem. Room 7a
      Y. Kiyo    (RWTH Aachen)
      Towards the NNNLO e+e- -> ttbar Threshold Cross Section: Third-order Coulomb Corrections                         
May '05

    • Monday, 2nd, 16:30

      S. Abel    (IPPP Durham)
      Phenomenology of Intersecting Brane Models

    • Tuesday, 3rd, 14:30

      J. W. v. Holten    (NIKHEF)
      The Gravitational Field of a Light Wave and some Surprises

    • Monday, 9th, 16:30

      Y. Koma    (DESY)
      Dual Superconductor Picture of QCD Vacuum and Hadronic Flux Tube

    • Monday, 23rd, 16:30

      D. Zeppenfeld    (Karlsruhe)
      Vector Boson Fusion: Applications and QCD Corrections

    • Tuesday, 24th, 14:30

      A. Wipf    (Jena)
      From Susy-Quantum Mechanics to Supersymmetric Lattice Theories

    • Monday, 30th, 16:30

      V. V. Khoze    (Durham)
      Gauge Theory Amplitudes from Twistor Space and Beyond

    • Tuesday, 31st, 14:30

      D. J. Schwarz    (Bielefeld)
      Anomalies of the Low-I Microwave Background                         
 April '05

    • Monday, 4th, 16:30

      Vorbesprechung / Discussion of Seminars

    • Tuesday, 5th, 14:30

      B. Körs    (Hamburg & MIT)
      Recent Advances towards Inflation in String Theory

    • Monday, 11th, 16:30

      J. Collins    (Penn State University)
      Are MC Event Generators Really Implementing QCD?

    • Monday, 18th, 16:30

      J.-W. van Holten    (NIKHEF & DESY)
      Conformal Fluid Dynamics

    • Tuesday, 19th, 14:30

      J. Plefka    (MPI Golm)
      Dynamical Tests of the String/Gauge Theory Duality

    • Monday, 25th, 16:30

      L. Motyka    (DESY)
      BFKL at High Momentum Transfer

    • Tuesday, 26th, 14:30

      E. Shuryak    (Stony Brook)
      The ``Little Bangs'' in High Energy Heavy Ion Collisions at RHIC                         
 March '05

    • Wednesday, 2nd, 16:30

      M. Weber    (Karlsruhe Univ.)
      Numerical Calculation of One-loop Integrals

    • Monday, 7th, 16:30

      M. Ibe    (Tokyo Univ.)
      Realization of Minimal Supergravity                         
 February '05

    • Wednesday, 9th, 16:30

      V. S. Fadin    (Novosibirsk)
      The Nonforward BFKL Kernel

    • Wednesday, 23rd, 16:30

      R. Venugopalan    (BNL)
      The Demise of the Structure Function: kt Factorization and beyond in the Color Glass Condensate                         
 January '05

    • Monday, 3rd, 16:30

      H. Gies    (Heidelberg Univ.)
      Renormalizability of Gauge Theories in Extra Dimensions

    • Tuesday, 4th, 14:30

      D. A. Kosower    (Saclay)
      From Physics to Twistors and Back

    • Monday, 10th, 16:30

      S. Hannestad    (Odense Univ.)
      Observing Dark Energy - Present and Future Prospects

    • Tuesday, 11th, 14:30

      R. Sommer    (DESY Zeuthen)
      Non-perturbative Heavy Quark Effective Theory

    • Thursday, 13th, 16:30

      M. Shifman    (Minneapolis)
      QCD Strings as Inspiration and as a Challenge to String Theory

    • Monday, 17th, 16:30

      S. Groot Nibbelink    (Minneapolis)
      Supersymmetric Lorentz Violation

    • Tuesday, 18th, 14:30

      W. Hollik    (MPI München)
      Supersymmetry becomes Precision Physics

    • Monday, 24th, 16:30

      Hyun Min Lee    (DESY)
      Sigma Model Compactification for Self-tuning the Cosmological Constant

    • Tuesday, 25th, 14:30

      Yann Mambrini    (DESY)
      Weapons and Strategies to study String Models from a Phenomenologist Point of View

    • Wednesday, 26th, 16:30

      K.-S. Choi    (Seoul National Univ.)
      Spectra of Heterotic Strings on Orbifolds

    • Monday, 31st, 16:30

      A. Bacchetta    (Regensburg Univ.)
      Gauge Links and Single Spin Asymmetries