DESY Theory Group


Welcome to the Homepage of the DESY Theory Group

The theory group carries out an active research programme on the fundamental interactions of nature and the fabric of matter, space and time. The research in particle theory is closely linked with the experimental research in particle physics at DESY by explaining observations and making predictions for future experiments. The research carried out in the DESY theory group addresses the main theoretical challenges that particle physics faces at the present time, like

  • What is the spectrum of fundamental particles?
  • What is the nature of their interactions?
  • How do elementary particles obtain the property of mass?
  • Do all the forces of nature arise from a single fundamental interaction?
  • How did the effects of particle physics influence the early evolution of our universe?
  • Are there more than three dimensions of space?
  • What is dark matter? Can it be produced in the laboratory?
  • Which theory of quantum gravity explains gravity in a way consistent with the quantum nature of matter?

The DESY theory group is a leading centre for Theoretical Physics in Europe. It organizes various scientific events, employs and educates a considerable number of postdocs and hosts several guests. In this way it contributes significantly to the shaping of the scientific landscape in Europe.