Year 2004

 December '04

    • Wednesday, 1st, 16:30

      Building 1b, Sem. Room 5
      Zongguo Si    (RWTH Aachen)
      NLO QCS Corrections to Top Quark Pair Production
      and Decay at Hadron Colliders

    • Monday, 6th, 16:30

      J. Bijnens    (Lund Univ.)
      Chiral Perturbation Theory at Two Loops for Lattice Gauge Theory

    • Wednesday, 8th, 16:30

      A. Utermann    (Heidelberg Univ.)
      Factorisation, Parton Entanglement and the Drell-Yan Process

    • Monday, 13th, 16:30

      J. Kersten    (DESY)
      Quantum Corrections to Neutrino Masses

    • Tuesday, 14th, 14:30

      G. Münster    (Münster Univ.)
      Lattice QCD, Chiral Twist and Chiral Perturbation Theory

    • Monday, 20th, 16:30

      U. Nierste    (FNAL)
      B - B Mixing: Mass and Width Differences and CP Violation                         
 November '04

    • Monday, 1st, 16:30

      M. Reuter    (Mainz)
      Quantum Gravity at Astrophysical Distances?

    • Tuesday, 2nd, 14:30

      Building 1b, Sem. Room 4a/b
      M. Wohlfarth    (Hamburg Univ.)
      Gravity and Cosmology inspired by String- and M-theory

    • Monday, 8th, 16:30

      W. de Boer    (Karlsruhe Univ.)
      Excess of EGRET Galactic Diffuse Gamma Rays: a Signal of Dark Matter Annihilation?

    • Wednesday, 10th, 16:30

      M. Thormeier    (Bonn Univ.)
      Anomalous U(1) for Everything

    • Monday, 15th, 16:30

      A. Falkowski    (DESY)
      Little Higgs and Supersymmetry

    • Monday, 22nd, 16:30

      Building 1b, Sem. Room 4a/b
      Kin-ya Oda    (Bonn Univ.)
      Wilson Lines in Warped Space:
      Dynamical Symmetry Breaking and Restoration

    • Wednesday, 24th, 16:30

      Building 1b, Sem. Room 4b
      V. Andrianov    (St. Petersburg State Univ.)
      Quasi-local Quark Model as Effective Theory of Nonperturbative QCD

    • Monday, 29th, 16:30

      Building 1b, Sem. Room 4a/b
      Riccardo Rattazzi    (CERN)
      Long Distance Modifications of Gravity                         
 October '04

    • Wednesday, 6th, 17:00

      B.-Q. Ma    (Peking Univ.)
      S Sbar Asymmetry and the NuTeV Anomaly

    • Monday, 18th, 16:30

      J. Jäckel    (DESY)
      A Composite Higgs - A Way to a Renormalizable SM?

    • Monday, 25th, 16:30

      J. Reuter    (DESY)
      Phenomenology of the Noncommutative Standard Model

    • Tuesday, 26th, 14:30

      A. Ali    (DESY)
      Recent Developments in B Physics                         
 September '04

    • Wednesday, 1st, 14:00

      N. Uraltsev    (INFN, Milano)
      Heavy Quark Expansion in Beauty: Achievements and Perspective

    • Wednesday, 1st, 16:30

      S. Berge    (SMU Dallas)
      Transverse Momentum Resummation at Small x for the Tevatron and LHC

    • Monday, 6th, 16:30

      K. Hagiwara    (KEK)
      Prospects of Improving the Prediction of Muon g-2                         
 August '04

    • Monday, 30th, 16:30

      M. Mühlleitner    (PSI,Villigen)
      Various Aspects of Higgs Physics at Future Colliders                         
 July '04

    • Monday, 5th, 16:30

      P. Hägler    (VU Amsterdam)
      Generalized Parton Distributions in Lattice QCD

    • Monday, 12th, 14:30

      I. Schienbein    (DESY)
      Mass Effects in Single Inclusive Hadroproduction of Heavy Measons

    • Monday, 12th, 16:30

      C. Quigg    (Fermilab)
      Envisioning Particles and Interactions

    • Wednesday, 14th, 16:30

      N. Maekawa    (Kyoto Univ.)
      E6 Unification and Anomalous U(1) Symmetry

    • Wednesday, 21st, 16:30

      M. Mühlleitner    (PSI, Villigen)
      Higgs Physics at e+e- Linear Colliders                         
 June '04

    • Tuesday, 8th, 14:30

      R. Kenway    (Edinburgh)
      The Future of Lattice QCD - a UK Perspective

    • Monday, 14th, 16:30

      M. Staudacher    (Albert-Einstein-Institut, Golm)
      Integrable Long Range Spin Chains, Strings and N=4 Gauge Theory

    • Tuesday, 15th, 14:30

      C. Schweigert    (Hamburg)
      Conformal Field Theory: Problems and Perspectives

    • Wednesday, 16th, 16:30

      A. Pivovarov    (U. Mainz and INR Moscow)
      B0 - Bbar0 Mixing beyond Factorization

    • Monday, 21st, 16:30

      Geb. 1b, Sem. Raum 3
      S. Antusch    (Southhampton Univ.)
      Type II See-saw, Leptogenesis and the Neutrino Mass Scale

    • Tuesday, 22nd, 14:30

      V. Mukhanov    (LMU Munich)
      CMB-slow, or How to Estimate Cosmological Parameters by Hand

    • Wednesday, 23rd, 16:30

      S. Bludman    (DESY)
      Dark Energy: What can it be?

    • Monday, 28th

      Mini-Workshop in Connection with the 10th German-American Frontiers of Science Symposium in Hamburg

      K. R. Dienes    (Univ. of Arizona, Tucson)
      A String Theorist Tampers with the Laws of Thermodynamics

      J. D. Wells    (Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor)
      Low-Scale Imprints of Exact Supersymmetric Unification

    • Tuesday, 29th, 14:30

      M. Misiak    (Warsaw)
      NNLO QCD Calculations of Rare B Decays

    • Wednesday, 30th, 16:30

      O. Tarasov    (DESY Zeuthen)
      Differential Groebner Basis Technique for Two-Loop Propagator and Vertex Type Feynman Integrals                         
 May '04

    • Monday, 3rd, 16:30

      Z. Bern    (UCLA)
      Magic Tricks for Scattering Amplitudes

    • Monday, 10th, 16:30

      J. Soto    (Barcelona)
      Model Independent Results for Heavy Quarkonium

    • Monday, 17th, 16:30

      S. Kretzer    (RIKEN BNL)
      Strangeness Asymmetry of the Nucleon and other QCD Aspects of the NuTeV Anomaly

    • Tuesday, 18th, 14:30

      S. Pokorski    (Warsaw)
      Phenomenological Constraints on the Mechanism of Supersymmetry Breaking

    • Monday, 24th, 16:30

      H. Weigert    (Regensburg)
      In Search of the Saturation Scale - Intrinsic Features of the Colour Glass Condensate

    • Tuesday, 25th, 14:30

      N. Armesto    (CERN)
      Saturation in High-energy Nuclear Collisions                         
 April '04

    • Monday, 5th, 16:30

      Vorbesprechung der Montags- und Dienstagsseminare
      Discussion of Monday and Tuesday Seminar Series

    • Tuesday, 6th, 14:30

      T. J. Weiler    (Vanderbilt Univ., CERN)
      Topics in Neutrino Astrophysics

    • Tuesday, 13th, 14:30

      H. Samtleben    (Hamburg Univ.)
      Supergravity and Holography

    • Wednesday, 14th, 16:30

      A. Freitas    (Fermilab)
      Next-to-next-to-leading Order Corrections to the Effective Weak Mixing Angle

    • Monday, 19th, 16:30

      G. v. Gersdorff    (DESY)
      Supersymmetry Breaking from Five Dimensions

    • Tuesday, 20th, 14:30

      S. Sarkar    (Oxford)
      Does Dark Energy Exist?

    • Monday, 26th, 16:30

      N. Ukita    (DESY)
      Realization of Symmetries (Chiral Sym., SUSY) in Lattice Theories

    • Tuesday, 27th, 14:30

      J. Wess    (Munich)
      Field Theories on Non-Commutative Space                         
 March '04

    • Monday, 15th, 16:30

      D. Eiras    (Barcelona)
      Minimalistic Art: pNRQCD Writes on Heavy Quarkonium Decays

    • Monday, 29th, 16:30

      M. Krämer    (Edinburgh)
      Next-to-leading Order Calculations by Numerical Integration                         
 February '04

    • Monday, 2nd, 16:30

      J.R. Espinosa    (Madrid and CERN)
      Novel Opportunities for Electroweak Breaking from Low-scale Supersymmetry Breaking

    • Tuesday, 3rd, 14:30

      P. Binetruy    (Paris)
      Superstring Models on the Benchmark

    • Monday, 16th, 16:30

      K. Choi    (KAIST)
      SPECIAL SEMINAR: Gauge Unification and SUSY Breaking in Orbifold Field Theories with Quasi-localized Gravity 
      and Matter Fields

    • Wednesday, 25th, 16:30

      A. Teixeira    (Univ. Autonoma de Madrid)
      Supersymmetric Spontaneous CP Violation                         
 January '04

    • Monday, 5th, 16:30

      J. Erdmenger    (HU Berlin)
      Chiral Symmetry Breaking and Light Mesons from Extensions of the AdS/CFT Correspondence

    • Monday, 12th, 16:30

      R. Frezzotti    (INFN - Milano)
      Chirally Improved Wilson Fermions for Lattice Gauge Theories

    • Tuesday, 13th, 14:30

      S. Vaula    (Hamburg)
      Masses and Local Symmetries from extra Dimensions

    • Wednesday, 14th, 14:30

      F. Sannino    (Copenhagen)
      Building 1b, Room 5!!
      Effective Lagrangians for Orientifold Field Theories: from SYM to QCD

    • Monday, 19th, 16:30

      C. Scrucca    (CERN)
      Mediation of Supersymmetry Breaking in Extra Dimensions

    • Tuesday, 20th, 14:30

      W. Ochs    (MPI, Munich)
      The Search for Glueballs

    • Wednesday, 21st, 14:30

      J. Sparks    (Imperial College London)
      G-Structures, Fluxes and Calibrations in M-theory

    • Monday, 26th, 16:30

      V.A. Khoze    (Durham Univ.)
      Diffractive Higgs and SUSY Production at the LHC