Year 2006

 December '06

    • Friday, 1st, 14:30

      L. Covi    (DESY)
      WMAP and Cosmological Perturbations 4

    • Monday, 4th, 16:30

      P. Ullio    (SISSA)
      Dark Matter as Guideline for Standard Model Extensions

    • Tuesday, 5th, 14:30

      M. Shaposhnikov    (Lausanne)
      Neutrino Oscillations, Dark Matter and Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe as Physics at the Electroweak Scale.

    • Friday, 8th, 14:30

      A. Mitov    (DESY Zeuthen)
      Recent Developments towards NNLO Precision in the Heavy Flavor Sector

    • Monday, 11th, 14:30

      N. Beisert    (AEI Golm)
      The Worldsheet S-matrix of Planar N=4 Gauge Theory (String Theory Seminar)

    • Tuesday, 12th, 14:30

      J. Zahn    (Hamburg)
      DISPUTATION: Dispersion Relations in Quantum Electrodynamics on the Noncommutative Minkowski Space

    • Wednesday, 13th, 16:30

      D. Hooper    (Fermilab)
      Studying Supersymmetry with Dark Matter Experiments

    • Friday, 15th, 14:00

      C. Döscher    (Hamburg)
      DISPUTATION: Yang-Feldman Formalism on Noncommutative Minkowski Space

    • Monday, 18th, 16:30

      K. Hagiwara    (KEK)
      Precision Electroweak Physics in the LHC Era

    • Tuesday, 19th, 14:30

      K. Kutak    (Hamburg)
      DISPUTATION: Studies of the Triple Pomeron Vertex in pQCD and its Application in Phenomenology

    • Wednesday, 20th, 14:30

      T. Plehn    (MPI and Edinburgh)
      Measuring New Physics at the LHC

    • Wednesday, 20th, 16:30

      M. Weidner    (Hamburg)
      DISPUTATION: Gauged Supergravities in Various Spacetime Dimensions                         
 November '06

    • Friday, 3rd, 14:30

      P. Di Vecchia    (NORDITA)
      U(1) Problem and θ Dependence in QCD.

    • Monday, 6th, 16:30

      H. Haber    (Santa Cruz)
      A Model-independent Approach to Two-Higgs Doublet Model Physics.

    • Tuesday, 7th, 14:30

      All    (DESY/Hamburg)
      Show and Tell

    • Friday, 10th, 14:30

      L. Covi    (DESY)
      WMAP and Cosmological Perturbations 1

    • Monday, 13th, 16:30

      A. Watanabe    (Kyushu Univ.)
      Twisted Flavors and Tri-bimaximal Neutrino Mixing.

    • Tuesday, 14th, 14:30

      Y. Okawa    (DESY)
      Recent Developments in String Field Theory.

    • Friday, 17th, 14:30

      L. Covi    (DESY)
      WMAP and Cosmological Perturbations 2

    • Monday, 20th, 16:30

      J. Blümlein    (DESY Zeuthen)
      Recent Results on DIS Structure Functions and ΛQCD.

    • Tuesday, 21st, 14:30

      A. Ibarra    (DESY)
      Neutrino Physics Beyond the Standard Model.

    • Wednesday, 22nd, 16:30

      O. Tarasov    (DESY Zeuthen)
      Calculating Feynman Integrals by Dimensional Recurrences.

    • Friday, 24th, 11:00

      L. Covi    (DESY)
      WMAP and Cosmological Perturbations 3

    • Monday, 27th, 16:30

      A. Kulesza    (DESY)
      Gauge Boson Production at Hadron Colliders: Electroweak Corrections.                         
 October '06

    • Monday, 23rd, 17:00, Buildg. 1b, Sem.R. 4a/b

      B. D. Pecjak    (DESY)
      Effective Field-theory Approach to Factorization and Threshold Resummation in DIS.

    • Tuesday, 24th, 15:00, Buildg. 1b, Sem.R. 4a/b

      T. Robens    (DESY/Hamburg Univ.)
      DISPUTATION: Event Generation for NLO Chargino Production at the ILC.

    • Monday, 30th, 16:30

      F. Bauer    (DESY)
      Leptonic Dark Energy and Baryogenesis.

    • Tuesday, 31st, 14:30

      F. Denef    (Leuven)
      Is String Theory Predictive?                          
 September '06

    • Monday, 4th, 16:30

      D. Soper    (Oregon)
      Numerical Approach to Loop Calculations

    • Tuesday, 19th, 14:30

      M. Peloso    (Minneapolis)
      The Fate of SUSY Flat Directions and their Role in Reheating                         
 August '06

    • Thursday, 10th, 14:30

      K. Kennaway    (Toronto)
      Dimer Models and Mirror Symmetry

    • Friday, 18th, 14:30

      I. Neupane    (CERN & Canterbury Univ.)
      Time Dependent Backgrounds and String Compactification on a Conifold

    • Tuesday, 22nd, 14:30

      G. Chachamis    (Würzburg)
      DISPUTATION: Higher Order QCD Corrections in Small x Physics                         
 July '06

    • Monday, 3rd, 16:30

      W. Buchmüller    (DESY)
      Supersymmetric Standard Model from the Heterotic String

    • Tuesday, 4th, 14:30

      O. Hohm    (Hamburg Univ.)
      DISPUTATION: Massive Kaluza-Klein Theories and their Spontaneously Broken Symmetries

    • Wednesday, 5th, 16:30

      P. van Nieuwenhuizen    (Stony Brook)
      New Anomalies in Monopoles

    • Friday, 7th, 14:30

      F. Krauss    (Dresden)
      TESLA Colloquium: Event Generation for the LHC

    • Monday, 10th, 16:30

      C. Lüdeling    (DESY)
      DISPUTATION: 6D Supergravity: Warped Solution and Gravity Mediated Supersymmetry Breaking

    • Tuesday, 11th, 14:30

      I. Benmachiche    (Hamburg Univ.)
      DISPUTATION: Heterotic and Type II Orientifold Compactifications on SU(3) Structure Manifolds

    • Wednesday, 12th, 16:30

      S. Wiesenfeldt    (Illinois)
      Unification without Low-energy Supersymmetry

    • Monday, 17th, 16:30

      K. Hori    (Toronto)
      STRING THEORY SEMINAR: Phases of N=2 Theories in 2 Dimensions with Boundary

    • Monday, 24th, 16:30

      Tadas Krupovnickas    (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
      Experimental Implications of Supersymmetric Models with Non-Universal Gaugino Masses                         
 June '06

    • Monday, 12th, 16:30

      G. Hiller    (Dortmund)
      New, Flavor-, and b-physics

    • Tuesday, 13th, 14:30

      F. Denef    (Leuven)
      Is String Theory Predictive?

    • Wednesday, 21st, 16:30

      R. Blumenhagen    (MPI München)
      New Heterotic GUT and Standard Model Vacua

    • Monday, 26th, 16:30

      A. Hebecker    (Heidelberg)
      The Randall-Sundrum Model in String Theory

    • Tuesday, 27th, 14:30

      J. Wennekers    (DESY)
      DISPUTATION: Non-Perturbative Studies of QCD at Small Quark Masses                         
 Mai '06

    • Monday, 8th, 16:30

      A. Shoshi    (Bielefeld)
      QCD Evolution at High Energy

    • Tuesday, 9th, 14:30

      Buildg. 61, Auditorium
      G. Lechner    (Göttingen)
      The Inverse Scattering Problem for Factorizing S-matrices and the Construction of Quantum Field Theories

    • Wednesday, 10th, 16:30

      S. Bludman    (DESY)
      Cosmological Acceleration: Dark Energy or Modified Gravity?

    • Monday, 15th, 16:30

      Y. Wong    (MPI Munich)
      Measuring Neutrino Masses with Weak Lensing

    • Monday, 22nd, 16:30

      M. Herbst    (DESY)
      D-branes in String Theory Compactifications

    • Tuesday, 23rd, 14:30

      G. Belanger    (Annecy)
      Dark Matter: from Cosmology to Colliders

    • Monday, 29th, 16:30

      M. Sakellariadou    (Athens and London)
      The Revival of Cosmic Strings

    • Tuesday, 30th, 14:30

      S. King    (Southampton)
      Breaking the Standard Model Code                         
 April '06

    • Monday, 3th, 16:30

      Th. Feldmann    (Siegen)
      Light-cone Sum Rules in Soft-Collinear Effective Theory

    • Monday, 10th, 16:30

      G. Zhu    (Hamburg)
      B --> K• l+ l- Decay in Soft-collinear Effective Theory

    • Tuesday, 11th, 14:30

      A. Knauf    (Hamburg)
      DISPUTATION: Geometric Transitions on non-Kähler Manifolds

    • Tuesday, 18th, 14:30

      A. Smirnov    (Trieste)
      Neutrino Mass and Mixing: Leptons Versus Quarks

    • Wednesday, 19th, 16:30

      L. Faddeev    (St. Petersburg)
      Infrared Variables for Yang-Mills Fields

    • Monday, 24th, 16:30

      A. Freitas    (Zürich)
      Supersymmetry and the Origin of (Dark) Matter

    • Tuesday, 25th, 14:30

      J. Teschner    (DESY)
      Strings in Noncompact Curved Backgrounds                         
 February '06

    • Wednesday, 1st, 14:30

      M. Berg    (AEI, Golm)
      Bulk Dynamics in Confining Gauge Theories

    • Monday, 6th, 16:30

      A. Hoang    (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik, München)
      Threshold Physics

    • Tuesday, 7th, 14:30

      S. Doplicher    (Roma)
      Spacetime and Field Theory, a Quantum Texture

    • Wednesday, 22nd, 16:00

      L. Motyka    (DESY)
      Hard Rescattering in Exclusive Higgs Boson Production at the LHC                         
January '06

    • Monday, 9th, 16:30

      A. Bacchetta    (DESY)
      Transverse Spin in QCD

    • Tuesday, 10th, 14:30

      J. Wess    (Munich/Hamburg)
      Differential Geometry, Gauge Theories and Theory of Gravity on Deformed Spaces

    • Wednesday, 11th, 14:30

      K. Hosomichi    (SPhT/CEA/Saclay)
      Non-perturbative Orientifold Transition at the Conifold

    • Wednesday, 11th, 16:30

      L. Lipatov    (St. Petersburg)
      Bjorken and Regge Asymptotics in N=4 SUSY Theories

    • Friday, 13th, 14:30

      T. Ohl    (Würzburg)
      Next Generation Multi-Particle Event Generators for the MSSM

    • Monday, 16th, 16:30

      F. Deppisch    (DESY)
      Constraints on SUSY Seesaw Parameters from Leptogenesis and Lepton Flavor Violation

    • Tuesday, 17th, 14:30

      M. Awramik    (Hamburg Univ.)
      On Theoretical Higgs Boson Mass Prediction

    • Monday, 23rd, 16:30

      S. Ribault    (DESY)
      On String Theory Black Holes and Liouville Theory

    • Tuesday, 24th, 14:30

      D. Stöckinger    (Durham)
      Regularization of Supersymmetric Theories

    • Wednesday, 25th, 14:30

      Buildg. 1b/Sem. R. 5
      A. Grozin    (Novosibirsk)
      Summing Next-to-next-to-leading Logarithms in b -> c Transitions at Zero Recoil

    • Wednesday, 25th, 14:30

      P. Merlatti    (Hamburg)
      Engineering N=1 super-Yang-Mills