Year 2003

 December '03

    • Monday, 1st, 16:30

      C. Munoz    (Universidad Autonoma de Madrid)
      A Kind of Prediction from String Phenomenology:
      Extra Matter at Low Energy

    • Tuesday, 2nd, 14:30

      M. Trapletti    (DESY)
      String Compactification with Background Fluxes

    • Wednesday, 3rd, 16:30

      J. Reuter    (Karlsruhe)
      The Low-Energy Structure of Little Higgs Models

    • Monday, 8th, 16:30

      K. Diener    (PSI Villingen)
      Elektroweak Radiative Corrections to Deep-Inelastic Neutrino Scattering:
      Implications for Nutev

    • Tuesday, 9th, 14:30

      H. Wittig    (DESY)
      Random Matrix Theory and the Low-Energy Regime of QCD

    • Monday, 15th, 16:30

      M. Bojowald    (MPI Golm)
      Quantum Gravity and the Big Bang

    • Wednesday, 17th, 16:30

      S. Groot Nibbelink    (Minneapolis)
      The Stringy Shape of Gauge Field Tadpoles near Orbifold Singularities

    • Friday, 19th, 11:00

      C. Lunardini    (IAS, Princeton)
      Solar Neutrinos, Large Mixing Angle and Neutrino non-standard Interactions                         
 November '03

    • Monday, 3rd, 16:30

      O. Lebedev    (DESY)
      A SUSY Version of the Jarlskog Invariant

    • Tuesday, 4th, 14:30

      St. Berge    (Univ. Hamburg)
      DISPUTATION: Gluino and Squark Pair Production at Future Linear Colliders

    • Monday, 10th, 16:30

      Y. Wong    (DESY)
      Neutrinos, Primordial Nucleosynthesis, et cetera

    • Tuesday, 11th, 14:30

      Show and Tell Seminar
      All members of the DESY Theory Group and the Hamburg University
      2nd Institute are invited to provide a 2 minute presentation of their
      research interests/activities.
      Everyone is asked to participate!

    • Wednesday, 12th, 14:30

      A. Sedrakyan    (Yerevan)
      Building 1, Seminar Room 1
      Action Formulation of Intergrable Models on a Lattice:
      Application to Hall Effect and Noncritical Strings

    • Wednesday, 12th, 16:30

      S. M. Sibiryakov    (Moscow, INR)
      Domain Walls between Gauge Theories

    • Monday, 17th, 16:30

      F. Steffen    (DESY)
      Nonlinear Realization of Chiral Symmetry on the Lattice

    • Tuesday, 18th, 14:30

      J. Berges    (Heidelberg)
      Far-from-Equilibrium Quantum Fields

    • Wednesday, 19th, 16:30

      L. Oliver    (Orsay)
      Bounds on the Derivatives of the Isgur-Wise Function

    • Friday, 21st, 14:30

      G. Weiglein    (Durham)
      Complementarity and Coherence: Physics with LHC and LC

    • Monday, 24th, 16:30

      M. V. Polyakov    (St. Petersburg/Liège)
      Exotic Antidecuplet of Baryons, Prediction from Chiral Solitons                         
 October '03

    • Friday, 10th, 14:30

      Building 1b, Seminar Room 4a!!!
      A. Freitas    (Fermilab)
      Weakly Coupled Neutral Gauge Bosons at Future Linear Colliders

    • Monday, 13th, 16:30

      R. Rückl    (Würzburg Univ.)
      Charged Lepton Flavour Violation in SUSY Seesaw Models

    • Monday, 20th, 16:30

      Discussion of Monday and Tuesday Seminar Series

    • Wednesday, 22nd, 14:30

      Building 1, Seminar Room 1!!
      K. Behrndt    (MPI Golm)
      Vacua from Type IIA Supergravity with Fluxes

    • Monday, 27th, 16:30

      A. Kyrieleis    (Hamburg Univ.)
      DISPUTATION: The Real Corrections to the Virtual Photon Impact Factor

    • Wednesday, 29th, 14:30

      Building 1, Seminar Room 1!!
      N. Obers    (Copenhagen)
      Phase Structure of Black Holes and Strings on Cylinders

    • Wednesday, 29th, 16:30

      T. Plehn    (CERN)
      Searching for Supersymmetric Higgs Bosons at the LHC                         
 August '03

    • Thursday, 21st, 16:30

      T. Moroi    (Tohoku)
      Curvation Mechanism: A New Paradigm to Generate Cosmic Density Fluctuation                         
 July '03

    • Tuesday, 1st, 14:30

      A. Micu    (Univ. Hamburg)
      Background Fluxes in Type II String Compactifications

    • Wednesday, 2nd, 16:30

      D. Schildknecht    (Univ. Bielefeld)
      The Total Virtual Photoabsorption Cross Section and 'Elastic' Diffraction

    • Monday, 7th, 16:30

      E. Dudas    (Paris Sud & Ecole Polytechnique)
      Time-Dependence in String Theory

    • Wednesday, 9th, 16:30

      W. Rodejohann    (SISSA, Trieste)
      Leptogenesis and Low Energy Observables

    • Monday, 14th, 16:30

      R. Hofmann    (Heidelberg)
      SUSY Models for Gauge Inflation

    • Tuesday, 15th, 14:30

      A. Utermann    (DESY)
      QCD-Instantonen und Saturation bei kleinem Bjorken-x                         
 June '03

    • Monday, 2nd, 16:30

      M. Diehl    (DESY)
      Generalized Parton Distributions (Habilitationsvortrag)

    • Tuesday, 3rd, 14:30

      P. Schupp    (Int. Univ. Bremen)
      Particle Physics in String-Motivated Non-Commutative Space-Time

    • Monday, 16th, 16:30

      Y. Schroeder    (MIT)
      Evading the Infrared Problem of Thermal QCD

    • Tuesday, 17th, 14:30

      Ch. Fewster    (York)
      Quantum Weak Energy Inequalities and the Casimir Effect

    • Monday, 23rd, 16:30

      L. Covi    (DESY)
      SO(10) in 6d

    • Tuesday, 24th, 14:30

      M. Müller-Preussker    (HU-Berlin)
      The Semiclassical Structure of SU(2) (Lattice) Gauge Field Theory at Non-Zero Temperature

    • Monday, 30th, 16:30

      F. Vissani    (Gran Sasso)
      The Long Path from Neutrino Oscillations to the Theory of Fermion Masses                         
 May '03

    • Monday, 5th, 16:30

      D.P. Roy    (Tata Inst. Mumbai and Univ. Dortmund)
      Solar Neutrino Oscillation

    • Tuesday, 6th, 14:30

      M. Poessel    (AEI Golm)
      Hidden Symmetries in Five/Dimensional Supergravity

    • Monday, 12th, 16:30

      G. Gabadadze    (CERN)
      Large-distance Gravity, Cosmological Constant and Inflation

    • Tuesday, 13th, 14:30

      A. Ringwald    (DESY)
      Electroweak Instantons as a Solution to the Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Ray Puzzle?

    • Monday, 19th, 16:30

      T. Feldmann    (CERN)
      Soft and Collinear Modes in Exclusive B Decays

    • Tuesday, 20th, 14:30

      H.-P. Nilles    (Univ. Bonn)
      Unified Theories in Extra Dimensions: Anomalies and the Question of Ultraviolet Sensivity

    • Wednesday, 21st, 16:30

      D. Ivanov    (Univ. Regensburg)
      Rho Meson and pi+ pi- Pair Electroproduction at Next-to-Leading Order

    • Monday, 26th, 16:30

      D. J. Miller    (CERN)
      The Higgs Sector of the Next-to-Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (NMSSM)

    • Tuesday, 27th, 14:30

      C. Pena    (DESY)
      Weak Matrix Elements from Lattice QCD with Chirally Twisted Mass Terms                         
 April '03

    • Thursday, 3rd, 12:00

      T. Asaka    (Lausanne)
      Lopsided Mass Matrices in SO(10) GUT

    • Tuesday, 8th, 16:30

      E. Akhmedov    (Lisboa)
      Probing the Seesaw Mechanism and Leptogenesis with the Low-energy Neutrino Data

    • Monday, 14th, 16:30

      M. Lublinsky    (DESY)
      Phenomenology with non-linear QCD Evolution

    • Tuesday, 15th, 16:30

      R.M. Godbole    (DESY and Bangalore)
      Supersymmetric `invisible Higgs': Collider and Cosmological Implications

    • Tuesday, 22nd, 14:30

      J.M. Cline    (CERN and McGill Univ.)
      Mimicking TransPlanckian Effects in the CMB with Conventional Physics

    • Monday, 28th, 16:30

      D.G. Cerdeno    (Univ. Hamburg)
      Supersymmetric Dark Matter Detection and the Charge and Colour Breaking Constraints

    • Tuesday, 29th, 14:30

      D. Lüst    (Humboldt Univ. Berlin)
      Intersecting D-branes and Fluxes in Type II Strings -- a Path to the Standard Model?                         
 March '03

    • Monday, 3rd, 16:30

      M. S. Chanowitz    (LBNL Berkeley)
      Electroweak Data and the Higgs Boson Mass: A Case for New Physics

    • Tuesday, 25th, 14:30

      P. Landshoff    (Cambridge)
      Evolution at small x

    • Wednesday, 26th, 16:30

      D. Delepine    (Lisboa)
      Flavour CP Violation, Electroweak Baryogenesis and Top Decays in Supersymmetric Models                         
 February '03

    • Monday, 3th, 16:30

      D. Stöckinger    (DESY)
      Regularization and Renormalization of the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model

    • Tuesday, 4th, 14:30

      I. Schienbein    (Univ. Hamburg/DESY)
      Neutrino Interactions and Nuclear Effects

    • Wednesday, 12th, 16:30

      C. Oleari    (Univ. Durham)
      Higgs + two Jets via Gluon Fusion: LHC and VLHC

    • Monday, 17th, 16:30

      G. Colangelo    (Univ. Bern)
      Experimental Determination of the Quark-antiquark Condensate

    • Monday, 25th, 11:00

      Seminar Room 3, Building 1b
      N. Dragon    (Univ. Hannover)
      The Supergravity Action I

    • Monday, 26th, 11:00

      Seminar Room 3, Building 1b
      N. Dragon    (Univ. Hannover)
      The Supergravity Action II                         
 January '03

    • Monday, 6th, 16:30

      D. Rainwater    (DESY)
      Higgs potential measurement at future colliders

    • Tuesday, 7th, 14:30

      B. Kuckert    (Univ. Hamburg)
      Spin & Statistics in Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanics

    • Wednesday, 8th, 16:30

      A.I. Milstein    (BINP, Russia)
      Present status of parity nonconservation in heavy atoms

    • Monday, 13th, 16:30

      E. Levin    (Tel Aviv Univ.)
      QCD Dilatons. Effective Lagrangian and more ...

    • Tuesday, 14th, 14:30

      D. Bödeker    (Univ. Bielefeld)
      Out of equilibrium quantum fields

    • Wednesday, 15th, 16:30

      P. Uwer    (Univ. Karlsruhe)
      A New Approach to Calculate Two-loop Amplitudes:
      the Fermionic Contribution to e+ e- → 3 Jets Using Nested Sums

    • Monday, 20th, 16:30

      H.J. Pirner    (Univ. Heidelberg)
      Wilson Line Correlations in QCD and the Proton
      Structure Function at Low x

    • Tuesday, 21st, 14:30

      M. Steinhauser    (Univ. Hamburg)
      Heavy Quarkonium Dynamics to NNNLO

    • Monday, 27th, 16:30

      A. Pomarol    (Univ. Barcelona)
      The Standard Model partly Supersymmetric

    • Tuesday, 28th, 14:30

      O. Lechtenfeld    (Univ. Hannover)
      Noncommutativity in Field Theory and String Theory

    • Wednesday, 29th, 16:30

      A. Lukas    (Univ. Sussex)
      Kinky Brane Worlds