Seminars until 2010

      October '10 

• Monday, 25th 16:30  

       Theory Seminar
       F. Bruemmer (DESY)
       Markov chains and the MSSM with degenerate Higgs mass matrix

• Monday, 18th 16:30

       Theory Seminar
       G. Vertongen (DESY)
       Matter and dark matter from false vacuum decay and a way to falsify it 

 • Monday, 04th 16:30  

       Theory Seminar
       K. Kovarik (Karlsruhe)
       Neutrino deep inelastic scattering and nuclear PDFs

      September '10

• Monday, 20th 16:30  

       Theory Seminar
       T. Yanagida (IPMU, Tokyo)
       Composite Dark Matter and SUSY Breaking in a Conformal Gauge Theory

      July '10 

• Wednesday, 07th 14:30 SemR 1

       Theory Colloquium
       D.Stoeckinger (TU-Dresden)
       The muon magnetic moment and physics beyond the Standard Model

• Friday, 09th 14:30 

       S. Mendizabal Cofre (Hamburg)
       Quantum Mechanics of Leptogenesis

• Monday, 12th 16:30 

       Theory Seminar
       O. Stål (DESY)
       Phenomenology of charged Higgs bosons

• Wednesday, 21st 14:30

        Special Seminar
        S. Shirai (Tokyo U.)
        Composite Messenger Dark Matter in Low Scale Gauge Mediation 

     June '10

• Wednesday, 30th 14:30 
      SFB Colloquium
      K. Lipka      "Physics of gluons and heavy quarks from HERA to the LHC"
      Ch. Wockel    "Infinite-dimensional and higher prequantization"
      A. Raspereza  "Physics with the First Collision Data at LHC"

• Monday, 28th 16:30 
      Theory Seminar
      A. Polosa (INFN - Roma I)
      The New Hadrons

• Friday, 25th 14:30
      SFB Lectures II
      J. Teschner
      Recent developments in strongly coupled supersymmetric gauge theories  

• Wednesday, 23rd 14:30
      Theory Colloquium
      Sven Heinemeyer (IFCA(CSIC-UC), Santander)
      SUSY Predictions for the LHC and the ILC

• Wednesday, 23rd 10:00 in SemR. 1
      Collider Pheno Symposium
      J. Reuter (Univ. Freiburg)
      Channels & Challenges -- New Physics at the LHC

• Friday, 18th 15:30
      SFB Lectures I
      J. Teschner
      Recent developments in strongly coupled supersymmetric gauge theories 

• Wednesday, 16th  14:30
      Theory Coloquium
      Hirosi Ooguri (California Inst, of Technology & IPMU, Univ. of Tokyo)
      Topological String Theory

• Monday, 14th, 16:30
      Theory Seminar 
      W. Khater (DESY)
      Phenomenology of the Two--Higgs-Doublet Models at Colliders: LHC and LHeC

• Wednesday, 2nd, 14:30
      Theory Colloquium 
      G. Muenster (Univ. Muenster)
      N=1 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory on the lattice

• Tuesday, 1st, 15:30
      Special Theory Seminar
      F. Aydogmus (Istanbul Univ.)
      The Behaviors of Spinor-type Instantons in Phase Space

     Mai '10

• Monday, 31st, 16:30 

       Theory Seminar
       T. Underwood (DESY)
       SUSY Now or Never! Unification and perturbativity in non-minimal new physics models

• Friday, 21st, 09:00 in SemR 4a
       Collider Pheno Symposium

       O. Brein (Freiburg):  Phenomenology of Higgs Bosons
       A. Kulesza (RWTH Aachen): Aspects of precision phenomenology at the LHC
       A. Weiler (CERN): Beyond the SM at the LHC

• Wednesday, 19th, 14:30

      Thomas-Paul Hack (Hamburg)
      On the Backreaction of Scalar and Spinor Quantum Fields in Curved Spacetimes
• Monday, 17th, 16:30
      Theory Seminar 
      K. Kozlowski (DESY Hamburg)
      Full asymptotic series for the correlation functions of integrable models

• Wednesday, 12th, 14:30

      Jens Koesling (Hamburg)
      On the Fusion in SL(2)- WZNW Models and 6j Symbols of Uqsl(2) X Uq,osp (1|2)

• Monday, 10th, 16:30
      Theory Seminar 
      P. Arias (DESY Hamburg)
      Prospects and Opportunities in a new setup for photon regeneration experiments

• Monday, 03rd, 16:30
      Theory Seminar 
      T. Rogers (Amsterdam)
      Complications in QCD factorization with transverse momentum dependent PDFs

      April '10

• Wednesday, 28th, 14:30

      SFB Colloquium
      A. Sen (Allahabad/Paris)
      Black Holes and String Theory

      V. Mukhanov ( Munich)
      Has Cosmic Inflation been proved experimentally?

• Tuesday, 27th, 17:00
      Special Theory Seminar at the auditorium
      N. Saito (KEK)
      A New Generation of Muon g-2/EDM Experiment at J-PARC    

• Monday, 26th, 16:30

      Theory Seminar
      M. Cicoli (DESY)
      Reheating in closed string inflation

• Wednesday, 21st, 14:30, Building 61

      Jan Moeller (Hamburg)
      GUT scale extra dimensions and light moduli in supergravity and cosmology

• Monday, 19th, 16:30

      Theory Seminar
      B. Garbrecht (Aachen)
      Leptogenesis: CPT and CTP 

• Friday, 16th, 14:30

      S.Groot-Nibbelink (Univ. Muenchen)
      Heterotic MSSM on an orbifold resolution 

• Thursday, 15th, 16:15
      String Theory Seminar 
      M. Yamazaki (Tokyo)
      BPS wall crossing and crystal melting

• Wednesday, 14th, 14:30
      Theory Colloquium 
      Rutger H. Boels (Hamburg)
      Calculating scattering amplitudes: simple results in complicated calculations

• Monday, 12th, 16:30

      Vladimir Mitev (Hamburg)
      Sigma Models on Supercosets 

• Wednesday, 7th, 14:30

      Kai J. Keller (Hamburg)
      Dimensional Regularization in Position Space and a Forest Formula for Regularized
      Epstein-Glaser Renormalization 

      February '10

• Wednesday, 24th, 14:30
      Special Theory Seminar
      R. Kitano (Tohoku U.)
      Non-linear SUSY and Hidden Gravity

• Wednesday, 03rd, 14:30
      Ch. Weniger 
      From SuperWIMPs to Decaying Dark Matter:Models, Bounds and Indirect Searches

• Monday, 01st, 16:30
      Theory Seminar  
      A. Prygarin (Hamburg)
      Duality symmetry in high energy scattering

      January '10 

• Wednesday, 27th, 14:30
      SFB Colloquium 
      J. Plefka (Berlin)
      Symmetry and Integrability of Scattering Amplitudes in supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory
      G. Moortgat-Pick (Hamburg)
      SUSY with CP violation at LHC and beyond

• Monday, 25th, 16:30
      Theory Seminar  
      D. Maitre (Durham)
      Towards automated One-Loop Amplitudes

• Monday, 18th, 16:30
      Theory Seminar  
      G. Kramer (U. Hamburg)
      Diffractive dijet production at hadron colliders

• Wednesday, 13th, 14:30
      Theory Colloquium  
      K. Jedamzik (U. Montpellier)
      Big Bang Nuecleosynthesis and Physics beyond the Standard Model

• Monday, 11th, 16:30
      Theory Seminar  
      M. Goodsell (DESY)
      Dirac Gauginos

• Wednesday, 06th, 14:30      

      Theory Colloquium  
      T. Bringmann (Hamburg)
      Towards the nature of dark matter: an interdisciplinary task