Chair: Schomerus, Volker (, 402, -2419)


        Guerrero, Cristina (, 403, -3590 )
        Personnel support bldg. 2, windows admin & website, publications

        Henning, Inna (, bldg. 1a, 1.143, -1493 )
        Personnel support bldg.1, guests bldg.1, office suplies

        Herrmann, Julia (, 303, -2413 )
       Group leader assistance, guests bldg. 2, safety, office suplies

Staff members

Diehl, Markus (, Bldg. 1b, 3.200, -3447, publications)
QCD in pp, ep and e+e- collisions, multiparton interactions, factorization, generalized parton distributions and related quantities.

Domcke, Valerie (, Bldg. 1a, 1.145, -3693)
Particle Cosmology, Gravitational Waves, Inflation, Leptogenesis, Dark Matter, Supersymmetry

Grojean, Christophe (, 410, - 3148, publications)
Dynamics of electroweak symmetry breaking and Higgs physics. Beyond the Standard Model physics. Collider physics. Particle physics, cosmology and astrophysics interplay. Physics case for future colliders.

Konstandin, Thomas (, Bldg. 1a, 1.146, -3968, publications)
Particle cosmology, Baryogenesis, cosmological phase transitions, gravitational waves.

Nagy, Zoltan (, Bldg. 1b, 3.202, -3107)
Perturbative QCD, Fixed order calculations (NLO, NNLO), Parton Showers, Resummation

Papathanasiou, Georgios (, 202, -2412), publications)
Gauge/string Dualities, Integrability, Scattering Amplitudes, Multiple Polylogarithms

Pomoni, Elli (, 205, -2727, publications)
Supersymmetry, String Theory, the AdS/CFT Correspondence and Integrability.

Reuter, Jürgen (, 304, -3895, publications)
Collider Phenomenology, Physics beyond the Standard Model, Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Monte Carlo Event Generators, Phenomenological Model Building, Effective Field Theories.

Ringwald, Andreas (, 209a, -2093, publications)
Astroparticle Physics. Exotic Particle Physics at Colliders.
Non-Collider Particle Physics Opportunities.

Sala, Filippo (, Bldg. 1a, 1.147, -1496)
Beyond the Standard Model, Dark Matter, Flavour, Supersymmetry, case for Future Experiments.

Schmidt-Hoberg, Kai (, Bldg. 2a, 309, -1494, publications)
Physics beyond the Standard Model, Dark Matter

Schomerus, Volker (, 402, -2419)
String Theory, non-perturbative Quantum Field Theory, Integrable Models, in particular 2D Conformal Field Theories.

Servant, Geraldine (, Bldg. 1a, 1.139, - 1484, publications)
Beyond the Standard Model physics, collider phenomenology, particle cosmology, Baryogenesis, Dark Matter.

Tackmann, Frank (, Bldg 1b, 3.203, -2418, publications)
Higgs Physics, Jet Physics, Effective Field Theories, Factorization and Resummation, Monte Carlo Generators

Teschner, Jörg (, 404, -1998, publications)
String Theory, Conformal Field Theories, Integrable Models, Low Dimensional Quantum Gravity.

Weiglein, Georg (, 405, -2523)
Higgs physics, Supersymmetry, electroweak precision physics, interplay of physics at the LHC and future colliders

Westphal, Alexander (, 408a, -2083)
Inflation in String Theory / Strings & Cosmology, Extra Dimensions & orbifold GUTs, Supersymmetry


Akal, Ibrahim (, Bldg. 1b, 3.206, -2730)
Quantum Field Theory, Nonperturbative Phenomena, Condensed Matter,
Quantum Information

Bagnaschi, Emanuele (, 311, -2048)
Higgs physics, BSM fitting, Monte Carlo event generators

Baldes, Iason (, Bldg. 1a, 1.142, -1489)
Particle cosmology, Baryogenesis, Dark Matter, Neutrino Masses

Bargheer, Till (, 204, -2086)
Scattering amplitudes, integrability in gauge and string theory, AdS/CFT correspondence, mathematical physics

Belliard, Raphael (, 401, -2576)

Bishara, Fady (, 305, -2414)

Carvalho Dorsch, Gláuber (, Bldg 1a, 1.144, -1491)
Phase transitions in the early Universe, Baryogenesis, Higgs physics, Collider phenomenology

Das, Goutam (, Bldg. 1b, 3.201, -2396)
Perturbative QCD, Monte Carlo Generators, Parton Shower, Multi-loop computation, Factorization and Resummation

Dias, Mafalda (, 308, -3422)
Early universe cosmology, inflation, statistical tools for complex systems

Diessner, Philip (, 206, -4860)
Collider phenomenology, Higgs physics, (Non-minimal) Supersymmetry phenomenology

Duerr, Michael (, 206, -1492)
Physics beyond the Standard Model, Dark Matter, Baryon and Lepton Number Violation, Neutrino Masses

Durieux, Gauthier (, 401, -4033)
Physics beyond the standard model. Collider phenomenology. Effective field theories. Top physics

Fonseca, Nayara (, Bldg 1a, 1.140 -3483)
Physics beyond the Standard Model, particle cosmology, non-minimal dark matter.

Frazer, Jonathan (, 305, -3159)
Inflation, cosmological perturbation theory, stochastic model building

Garcia Cely, Camilo (, 305, -1605)
Dark matter phenomenology, neutrino physics and cosmology.

Hollik, Wolfgang (, 311, -3597)
(neutrino) flavour physics, left-right symmetric and grand unified theories, supersymmetric Higgs sector and stability of the electroweak vacuum

Liendo, Pedro (, 208a, -1495)
Quantum Field Theory, Mathematical Physics, Conformal Bootstrap.

Matsedonskyi, Oleksii (, 401, -4268)
Beyond Standard Model, Electroweak Symmetry Breaking, Composite Higgs, Cosmological Relaxation, Collider Physics

Montull, Marc (, 302, -3921)
Beyond the Standard Model physics, Quantum Field Theory

Morgante, Enrico (, Bldg 1a, 1.140 -2084)
Beyond the Standard Model physics, particle cosmology, Dark Matter

Mukaida, Kyohei (, Bldg 1a, 1.144 -4269)
Particle Cosmology, Physics beyond the Standard Model, Finite Temperature/Density Field Theories

Paul, Ayan (
Flavour Physics, Higgs Physics, Physics Computing

Pini, Alessandro (, 204, -2086)
Supersymmetric Guage Theories, AdS/CFT correspondence

Retolaza, Ander (, 308, -3683)
String Phenomenology and String Cosmology, Inflation.

Sarem Schunk, Lais (, Bldg. 1a, 3.205, -4250)
Collider phenomenology, jet physics and jet substructure, resummation and precision QCD

Sato, Ryosuke (, Bldg. 1a, -1472)

Stefaniak, Tim (, 311, -4267)
Collider Phenomenology, Beyond the Standard Model, Higgs physics, Supersymmetry, Baryogenesis

Talbert, Jim (, Bldg. 1b, 3.215, -1497)
Effective field theories, collider physics, neutrino phenomenology, BSM flavour models and CP violation

Von Harling, Benedict (, Bldg. 1a, 1.142, -1490)
Supersymmetry, extra dimensions, dark matter and other physics beyond the standard model; conformal bootstrap

Wild, Sebastian (, 302, -3699)
Dark Matter Theory and Phenomenology, Cosmic Ray Physics, Physics beyond the Standard Model


Billis, Georgios (, Bldg. 1b, 3.207, -2795)

Bourton, Thomas (, 201, -2948)
Supersymmetry, AdS/CFT, String Theory

Buric, Ilija (, 301, -2358)

Carstensen, Jan Peter (, 306, -2415)
Supersymmetry, Integrability

Chestnov, Vsevolod (,209, -4899)
Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theories, CFT

Cornagliotto, Martina (, 306, -2415)
Conformal field theory in 2 and higher dimensions, Non perturbative Quantum field theory, Integrable Models and Integrability in Guage theory, String theory

Depta, Frederik (, 301, -2358)

Ernst, Anne (, 207, -4953)
Vacuum stability, Higgs portalmodels, Standard Model physics

Figiel, Troy (, 207, -3536)

Gouttenoire, Yann (, Bldg. 1a, 1.141, -1487)

Hufnagel, Marco (, 301, -4236)
BSM Physics, Cosmology, Dark Matter, Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

Kummer, Janis (, Bldg. 1a, 1.141, -1486)
Cosmology, Leptogenesis, Inflation

Linke, Yannick (, 209, -3566)
String Theory, AdS/CFT Correspondence

Michel, Johannes (, Bldg. 1b, 3.207 -4252)
Higgs physics, resummation and precision QCD, event generators

Moritz, Jakob (, 306, -4251)
Inflation, moduli stabilization and the de Sitter landscape in String Theory

Nagar, Riccardo (, Bldg. 1b, 3.206, -4234)
QCD at LHC, multiparton interactions

Rothe, Vincent (, 207, -4953)
Collider Phenomenology, Monte Carlo Event Generators, Fixed Order (NLO) Electroweak Calculations

Sobolev, Ivan (, 207, -4953)
Higgs Physics, MSSM, precise calculation of the Higgs mass in the MSSM

Stienemeier, Pascal (, 306, -4251)
Collider physics, Monte Carlo event generators, precision calculations, fixed order NLO electroweak calculations

Wittbrodt, Jonas (, 301, -4236)
Higgs Physics, vacuum stability, BSM collider phenomenology


Ali, Ahmed (, 307, -3553 )
Heavy Flavour Physics, in particular B Physics.

Buchmüller, Wilfried (, 210, -2424, publications)
Particle Cosmology and Unified Theories.

Kastrup, Hans RWTH Aachen (, Bldg. 1b, EG215, -2416 )
Research: see Homepage.

Montvay, István (
Lattice Quantum Field Theory: Models for QCD at High Quark Density, Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory, Monte Carlo Algorithms with Dynamical Fermions.

Schierholz, Gerrit (, bldg. 67, 112, -3967 )
Lattice Field Theory

Schrempp, Barbara (, Bldg. 67, 115, -4356 )

Schrempp, Fridger (, Bldg. 67, 115, -3893 )
QCD Vacuum Structure and High-energy Scattering. Instantons at HERA and LHC.
Physics beyond the Standard Model.

Zerwas, Peter ( )
LHC and e+e- Linear Collider Physics.
Higgs and Supersymmetry.

Former members

Bruggisser, Sebastian
Particle Cosmology, Collider Phenomenology, Physics beyond the Standard Model

Buffing, Maarten
QCD, Transverse Momentum Dependent Parton Distribution Functions (TMDs), multiparton interactions

Coman-Lohi, Ioana
String Theory

Dierigl, Markus
Dynamical SUSY breaking, Inflation, Super-Yang-Mills, sQCD

Kahlhöfer, Felix
Dark Matter Phenomenology, Astroparticle Physics, Physics beyond the Standard Model

Lemos, Madalena
Conformal field theories, supersymmetry, conformal bootstrap

Liebler, Stefan
Higgs physics in the SM and extensions, QCD and electroweak corrections, capabilities of a (linear) e+e- collider, neutrino physics

Paßehr, Sebastian
Higgs, MSSM, NMSSM, precision calculations

Patel, Shruti
Higgs Physics, Collider Phenomenology, Supersymmetry

Saikawa, Ken'ichi
Cosmology, Physics beyond the Standard Model

Shim, So Young
Monte Carlo Event Generators, Effective field theories, Little Higgs model

Weiss, Christian
Monte Carlo Event Generators, automated NLO Calculations and Subtraction Schemes, Parton Showers