Main fields of research in the DESY theory

Collider phenomenology

  • Detailed predictions for signal and background processes at the LHC and future colliders
  • Identification of the nature of TeV-scale physics from collider data, flavour physics and other experimental constraints
  • Development of new models, methods and algorithms

Particle cosmology

  • Matter-antimatter asymmetry , dark matter, inflation and gravitational waves
  • Axion-like particles, WISPs and the low energy frontier
  • Grand unified theories in four and more dimensions

String theory

  • Non-perturbative dualities between gauge theory and string theory
  • String theory on curved space-times
  • Non-perturbative dualities between string theory on different space-times

The group is supported by the German Science Foundation (DFG) through a Collaborative Research Center Sonderforschungsbereich 676 on Particles, Strings and the Early Universe.